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Since 2015 Barrel + Brine has given new life to an old tradition by using old world fermentation and pickling techniques passed down through generations.  By combining those techniques with a culinary focused palate we create delicious, and healthy food and drink. 

Barrel + Brine makes small batch artisanal kimchi, probiotic rich sauerkraut, fresh pack pickles, and kombucha from our shop located on Buffalo's West Side. 

quality                   INGREDIENTS

We understand that a great product begins with quality ingredients and at Barrel + Brine we take pride in the relationships that we have built with our local farmers, vineyards and orchards.     






The                                               FOUNDERS

Buffalo natives Rj and Lindsey Marvin are passionate about preservation and the art of fermentation. Rj grew up in a home with strong Sicilian roots and credits the first time he snuck into his grandparents basement and stumbled upon those dusty shelves lined with preserved tomatoes and eggplant as the moment he fell in love with preservation. 

Lindsey, Barrel + Brine's Kombucha brewer, blames her obsession with tea on her grandmother's own love for the drink.  Growing up in an Irish family tea was always a ritual and that same quality and pride can be found in our Kombucha.