Where can I find you? Come visit our new(ish) storefront/eatery at 155 Chandler St., Suite #3, Buffalo, N.Y. 14207. We’re closed Mondays and Tuesday, but otherwise, please visit these days/hours:

  • Wednesday 12pm-7pm

  • Thursday 12pm-7pm

  • Friday 12pm-7pm

  • Saturday 12pm-7pm

  • Sunday 11am-2pm

You can also find our tasty, tangy and tart food at these stellar partners and eateries.

Does this need to stay refrigerated? Yes. Our pickles are cold packed to ensure you get the freshest, crunchiest pickles around. We never heat treat our pickles. Our sauerkrauts, kimchi and kombucha tea are naturally raw, fermented products. Colder temperatures slow the fermentation process, while keeping it very much alive and probiotic. We're all forgetful sometimes, so if you happen to forget to put it back in the refrigerator, just pop it back in and bring it back down to a cool temperature.  


The lid is bulging! The kimchi is bubbling! The kraut is gurgling! is it safe to eat? Yes. Although the colder temperature of the refrigerator will slow the fermentation process it doesn't exactly stop it entirely. The fermentation happening inside of the jar will create bubbles of carbon dioxide. Once those bubbles float to the top to escape they meet the lid of the jar and settle back down creating some carbonation, bubbling, or gurgling.  


Can I cook with your ferments?  Of course! Our fermented foods and drinks are made with the probiotic benefits in mind but they were also created to help boost your dishes once home. Cooking the ferments will destroy the beneficial bacteria but they are still fantastic in flavor, umami rich amino acids and acidity. Try some kimchi folded into an omelette, or braised beet & caraway kraut with grilled sausage. For more recipes check out our blog. Have a favorite dish you prepare with B+B ferments?  We would love to see it! Share it on Instagram and tag @barrelnbrine.  #barrelnbrineathome


How much should I eat/drink?  Everyone is a little different. If you are new to fermented foods, start with a serving. For instance, mix some sauerkraut into your favorite salad, or pile an ounce of kimchi on top of baked fish. Once you feel comfortable, experiment, dig in and enjoy! If you're new to kombucha, try about 4 ounces a day to begin with, then work your way up. Remember: drink or eat to your comfort level.  


Is one product more beneficial than another?  All of our fermented foods are bursting with beneficial probiotic but some have different beneficial properties beyond the probiotics. For instance, our Red Beet & Caraway Kraut has the added benefit of antioxidant rich beet juice and our Ginger Lemon Kombucha has the additional benefits of anti-inflammatory ginger and vitamin C rich lemon juice.


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