Blossom Collection Kombucha Release

Barrel + Brine Launch Spring Blossom Kombucha

Wednesday, June 20th




Something is in the air, and Western New York’s fragrant return of Cherry Blossoms can only mean one thing.  That Winter is finally taking a step down as Spring begins to make her triumphant return.  Aside from cherry trees many stone fruit bearing trees like apricot, peach, nectarine and plum will begin to blossom in early May.  In just a matter of weeks trees will show signs of buds that will quickly open to a colorful array of flowers and fall in a matter of just weeks.

While spending a day foraging with Tom Tower at his farm in Youngstown, NY  Head Kombucha Brewer, Lindsey Marvin had an epiphany:

“I originally set out to make a Cherry Blossom Kombucha, but once we were on the farm I realized there was so much more to offer. All of the stone-fruit trees have unique blossoms with different aromas, flavors, and appearances. I knew we needed to use them all.” Lindsey Said

She went on to explain that the new Blossom Kombucha offerings will differ from her standard favorites in a few different ways. 

“The blossoms will be paired with fermented Jasmine and Green Teas to compliment the delicate flavors of the flowers without overpowering them.” 

So patrons can expect a lighter, dryer, and more subtle flavor profile.

Barrel +Brine set out to create  something light and refreshing for Spring and Summer using interesting, unique, and seasonal ingredients. This Blossom Kombucha is the perfect brew to not only celebrate the coming warmer weather but also to celebrate their relationships with local farmers as the growing season begins. 

“Preserving the harvest, and hard work of local farmers is extremely important to us. The Farms cut back 75% of the growth on these fruit trees to allow the fruit to grow. Lindsey took something that would otherwise be discarded, and made it into something that can be used and enjoyed.” - said Rj Marvin

The lunch of the limited edition Blossom Kombucha Collection is Wednesday, June 20th. at Barrel+ Brine 257 Carolina Street, Buffalo, Ny 14201.

Rj Marvin